Fort Recovery State Museum Upcoming Events

Friday May 28, 7:30 pm - Fort Recovery Memorial Day Observance and Lighting of the Fort Recovery Monument.

YOU are invited to attend the Once-in-a-Lifetime event of the first lighting of the Fort Recovery Monument.  This will be a joint ceremony of the American Legion Post 345, VFW Post 6515 and the Fort Recovery Museum and Historical Society. The program will include remarks by the commanders of the Legion and VFW, their chaplain, district representative and Honor Guard and Site Manager.

Those who have contributed to make this “Lighting” a reality whether by contributing financial aid, expertise or work effort will be recognized.  The Fort Recovery Band will play, the switch will be thrown to light the monument and there will be a 21 gun salute.  Adding to the drama of the event will be 1000 crosses (covering the south lawn) honoring those veterans whose remains lie in a crypt under the 105 ft. obelisk.  Having the honor of pushing the button will be the oldest veteran in the Fort Recovery Veterans’ organizations; Lester Huelskamp, a veteran of WWII who will be 98 years old by the end of May.  

Bring your children to this memorable event.  You are welcome to bring lawn chairs.